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Trấn Ma AFK - Đấu Tướng 1 Tay!

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Cập nhật mới đây: 2024-02-21
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Thông tin phiên bản máy tính Trấn Ma AFK - Đấu Tướng 1 Tay!

Trấn Ma AFK - Đấu Tướng 1 Tay! là một ứng dụng Phiêu lưu được phát triển bởi GAMOTA INC. Trên trang này tải xuống Phiên bản máy tính Trấn Ma AFK - Đấu Tướng 1 Tay! chạy trên máy tính bằng cách cài đặt trình giả lập Android. Trình giả lập Android là phần mềm mô phỏng hệ thống điện thoại di động Android trên hệ điều hành máy tính, LDPlayer là trình giả lập Android chạy trên máy tính WINDOWS. Bằng cách mô phỏng môi trường hoạt động của điện thoại di động Android 9.0, LDPlayer có các chức năng mà trên điện thoại di động không có ,chẳng hạn như đa cửa sổ, lệnh macro và ghi lại thao tác vv , để có thể chơi mượt mà các game di động trên máy tính. Nó là một trình giả lập Android được thiết kế đặc biệt cho những người đam mê trò chơi.

Tổng quan Trấn Ma AFK - Đấu Tướng 1 Tay!

Tran Ma AFK is the latest good game that exploits the Chinese mythological context, exclusively provided by NPH Gamota. Entering the game, you will meet many famous characters and heroes throughout the folk stories or myths that are continued. In particular, with the power of tilting the sky and the earth, it is you who will make the decision: Savior or Destroy the world!


Great War God - Dominate the Three Realms
As mentioned above, the plot of Than Ma Mobile is very unique and unlike any rpg game you have ever experienced before: rpg, tam quoc, 3q. Everything is born from Chaos and Balance, what if one side tries to destroy the other? Balance has sacrificed himself to save the world, but the seeds of Chaos are still present everywhere, gradually poisoning the minds of all beings. The player himself will be the key to either averting that catastrophe, or himself taking over both energies, monopolizing the world.

Nurturing God Generals - Unparalleled Squad
Tran Ma AFK - Idle brings a large number of generals, super level, spread in many famous novels such as: Ton Ngo Khong, Da Xa, Nine Tails Ho, Thao Thiet, Hac Bach Impermanent, Buffalo Head, Horse Face. … The unique feature of this game is that it is not mandatory for players to collect equipment sets for each champion, the only thing to do is level up, increase skill points and arrange them to create a suitable lineup for the style. play your best. Tran Ma AFK shows many outstanding features compared to competitors of the same type such as: love spirit, afk, ode heroes, tan omg...

Hands-Free Entrustment - Level Up Day
Are you looking for a game that just 1 click can still level up… swish? Tran Ma AFK has been equipped with a new generation AFK mechanism, allowing players to freely "hang up" without worrying about Exp shortage. This is also the strength that helps rpg Tran Ma AFK to be highly appreciated when launching in major markets across Asia, simulating the AFK trend that is very popular recently. Many gamers from teen, 3q, tan minh chu, idle heroes are flocking to Tran Ma AFK.

500Mb Graphics - Extreme Play
Built on an advanced graphics platform, Tran Ma AFK has a configuration with an extremely ... easy-to-breath capacity, only 500MB. All character creation, surrounding landscapes or skill effects of the generals are 100% hand-drawn, inspired by many beloved cartoons with 8x, 9x worlds. This creates a sense of curiosity when first entering the Tran Ma AFK rpg experience. Only this advantage has helped the game score completely compared to one punch man, super than mobile, love spirit, omg 3q...

Server Battle - Giving Gifts Like a Dream
Not restricting players in server battles, Tran Ma AFK develops many inter-server fighting activities, bringing countless valuable gifts. In addition, this is also a place for you to freely test your tactical mind, create your own "unique, strange" meta and defeat all enemies. According to statistics, the number of gifts and inter-server activities in Tran Ma AFK still surpasses ode heroes or luyen love, tan omg, youth 3q...

Level Up Squad, No Resource Loss
In Tran Ma AFK there is an extremely useful feature that is to level up the entire squad, with just 1 click. Specifically, in the interface of Bi Ngan, just pairing the champions that have not been "plowed" that the player owns into the available boxes, they will be raised to the same level as the generals in the main lineup. … no resources are lost. General does not lose 1 cent.

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