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120 Tình Huống Mô Phỏng GPLX

Review application and practice test 120 simulation situations latest version v1.2.3
Weather 365 Team
Cập nhật mới đây: 2023-11-22
Cách tải và chơi 120 Tình Huống Mô Phỏng GPLX trên PC

Thông tin phiên bản máy tính 120 Tình Huống Mô Phỏng GPLX

120 Tình Huống Mô Phỏng GPLX là một ứng dụng Thẻ bài được phát triển bởi Weather 365 Team. Trên trang này tải xuống Phiên bản máy tính 120 Tình Huống Mô Phỏng GPLX chạy trên máy tính bằng cách cài đặt trình giả lập Android. Trình giả lập Android là phần mềm mô phỏng hệ thống điện thoại di động Android trên hệ điều hành máy tính, LDPlayer là trình giả lập Android chạy trên máy tính WINDOWS. Bằng cách mô phỏng môi trường hoạt động của điện thoại di động Android 9.0, LDPlayer có các chức năng mà trên điện thoại di động không có ,chẳng hạn như đa cửa sổ, lệnh macro và ghi lại thao tác vv , để có thể chơi mượt mà các game di động trên máy tính. Nó là một trình giả lập Android được thiết kế đặc biệt cho những người đam mê trò chơi.

Tổng quan 120 Tình Huống Mô Phỏng GPLX

The 120 traffic situations software is applied to the program of teaching and learning to drive cars of classes B1, B2, C, D, E, F... from June 15, 2022.

This software simulates real-life situations when participating in traffic, in which the content structure is divided as follows:

Chapter I: Includes 29 situations from 01 - 29 revolving around real-life situations frequently encountered when participating in traffic on the streets in urban areas and densely populated areas.

Chapter II: Includes 14 situations from 30 to 43 revolving around real-life situations frequently encountered when participating in traffic on rural roads on sharp roads, at night, with livestock, and using lights. far beam,...

Chapter III: Contains 20 situations from 44 - 63 revolving around real-life situations such as changing lanes, overtaking, sudden braking, merging, reversing on the highway,... frequently encountered when participating in traffic on the highway .

Chapter IV: Includes 10 situations from 64 to 73 revolving around real-life situations when driving traffic on mountain roads such as overtaking, going uphill and downhill, making sharp turns,...

Chapter V: Includes 17 situations from 74 - 90 revolving around real-life traffic control situations on national highways such as pedestrians, intersections with railways, overtaking vehicles on the road...

Chapter VI: Includes 30 situations from 91 - 120 revolving around actual collision situations when participating in mixed traffic.

In each situation there are 02 points of time 5d and 0d:

+ 5 points: the moment there are signs of detecting a dangerous situation, the driver needs to handle it.

+ 0 points: the point in time from which an accident still occurs

Students who choose between these two milestones will score 5-4-3-2-1 points respectively (maximum score for each situation is 5 points).

- Review the simulation exam right on your phone, anytime, anywhere
- Full collection of 120 sentences simulating the latest situations in 2023
- Simulate a practice test just like the real test; Compiled 12 sets of exam questions with 120 situations for users to review.
- Displays incorrect sentences, saved sentences, and sentences that have not reached the maximum score
- Allows users to rewind simulation videos to support better learning.
- And many features are being developed by us

After a period of release, the application has received a lot of good feedback from users. Many students have reviewed the application and achieved high results in the exam.

The application is in the process of being developed and completed. We look forward to receiving feedback from users to make the application more complete. Thank you, I hope you study well for the exam and achieve high results.

*** Related Disclaimer ***

The 120 Driving License Simulation Situations application is an application developed by a third party (developed by an individual), created to help users review and best prepare for the driving license exam.

- We develop the application independently and are not affiliated or affiliated with any organization, individual, or state agency responsible for organizing, checking, and testing driver's licenses. The application does not represent a government organization.

The information in the application is compiled by us from many sources. The 120 License Simulation Situations application does not make any guarantees about the authenticity of the information you receive when using the application. To ensure all the information is most accurate, please visit the website Driver's license information page of Vietnam Road Administration.

In all cases, you hereby release the application from all liability in connection with any loss caused by the use or non-use of our application. (We clearly display disclaimer information in the app).

If you have any comments, questions and requests for help, please send them to us via email: onthigplx2022@gmail.com or via the Exam Review Group for timely support.

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